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Summer Camps 2017

North Shore Ice Arena offers a variety of hockey camps and clinics throughout the summer. This section will be updated as information becomes available. Please call 847-480-1800 with any questions regarding summer camps and clinics.

August 7th - August 11th - Pro Ambitions 

Founder of Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc., Jeff Serowik, created and trademarked this system of training where skill development takes place in a game situational battle in small area drills. Our goal is to develop a player’s skill and hockey IQ through game situational battles. Every drill incorporates a skill, skating, and game theory element while engaging in a game situational battle. At the Battle Camp, players will go through a battery of drills that all introduce the second puck. After the initial battle is won or lost, the players focus on gap control and go back in for a second battle. This curriculum has created its own niche in the industry. Is now imitated by many. It has been endorsed by the Boston Bruins and countless NHL players
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Greg Carter European Hockey School
Impact Ice Hockey
Laura Stamm Power Skating
Gould Goalie School
Midwest Goalie School
PPI Hockey



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