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3-on-3 Preseason Shootout FAQ

Q: There are certain times my team cannot play, can you schedule around our conflicts?

A: Yes, all conflicts must be e-mailed to Mike at by 8/1/23.

Q: Your roster limit is 7 skaters and 1 goalie, can my team carry 8 skaters and 1 goalie?

A: No.

Q: Our team is sharing a goalie with another team in the tournament, is this okay?

A: Yes. As goalies are hard to come by for a 70+ team tournament, it is understandable if teams need to share goalies or have a substitute in one of their games. However, the substitute goalie may not be older/more advanced than the teams he or she is competing against. 

Q: Are the teams required to change rink entry doors after half-time?

A: Yes. Our games are played cross-ice on the NHL rink. This means that one team would enter the rink through the player bench doors, while the other team would be using a side door to the rink. In the past, teams have felt the side door is a disadvantage, so teams will be required to switch during half-time of the game. 

Q: If my team goes up by 7 or more goals in the first half, the opposing team is allowed to play with 4 skaters for the remainder of the half. Once the second half starts, will the opposing team go back to having 3 skaters?

A: Yes. Our games are scored by halves. If your team wins the first half, you receive 1 point. If your team wins the second half you receive another point for winning the half and 2 additional points for winning the game. Since the second half presents an opportunity for both teams to get 1 point, both teams will start with 3 players per side, even if one of the teams lost the first half by more than 7 goals. Rules will be posted on our website, at the check in desk, and near the tournament brackets for the entire weekend. 

Q: If my team is called for a penalty, the opposing team will receive a penalty shot. Will the two opposing players be allowed to follow the shooter and score on any subsequent rebounds?

A: No. If a team is awarded a penalty shot, his 2 teammates must wait by their goalie until the shooter takes his shot. The shooter, however, is allowed to get his own rebound. 

Q: Is physical contact allowed?

A: No. While hockey is by nature a physical sport, any intentional body checking will be met with a penalty and a verbal warning from the official. If the same player engages in the same physical contact, he will be ejected from the game. The officials reserve the right to eject players without warning if the conduct is egregious in the official’s judgment.